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Do you know how people decide if they want to work at your company? They are not interested in pay only. They ask for something extra.

Distinguish your business from competition, get a firm foothold in the minds of future candidates. Build brand awareness and implement more effective recruitment campaigns.

People want to know what your company is like. They join their life with you and the job ad may not be just enough for them.

Competition in the labour market is extreme and standard procedures no longer work. People do not look for work anymore. You have to make them interested to such extent they will be willing to change their status quo and decide to take a new path. Your path.

To persuade people you are the right choice for them takes more than ordinary recruitment advertising.

Your existing employees are one of the most important communication channels. They build your brand, they communicate with prospective candidates, physically or online. Without them, it makes no sense to make a recruitment campaign really.

Internal communication is as important to your success as the external one. Do not neglect your current employees - they are much cheaper than the future ones.

Use the knowledge of expert teams in HR Marketing, Branding, Communication Strategy, Research, Media and Production in a single supplier alliance which you manage from one place.

Our Services

We will help you get new employees and keep the existing ones.

No theories or instructions, but long-time proven practice. Livin'brand provides HR Marketing services, recruitment campaigns including realization, long-term communication and employee branding.


Together we create a comprehensive strategy for building your employee brand for several years ahead with a specific action plan and budget.

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We implement all the activities (campaigns) according to the approved strategy. From setting up HR processes, creating all materials (web, prints), complete realization of campaigns (online, offline) to securing and organizing HR events - participation in trade fairs etc.

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We use complete marketing process


Analytics and settings

  • internal survey
  • HR processes analysis
  • competition analysis
  • workshops with management
  • hypotheses verification 
  • creative concept campaign design


  • goals and roles definition
  • story and key messages preparation
  • design
  • content strategy
  • communication mix
  • action plan and budget


  • campaign implementation
  • brand building
  • content marketing
  • social media
  • PR
  • events
  • online & offline media
  • websites
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Zodiac Galleys Europe

The global leader in aerospace production has not been building regional brand awareness for a long time. His recruitment advertisements had no effect. We have therefore built a campaign that firmly links Zodiac with aviation, to make their work visible, to make the most of our employees and natural corporate culture.
Thanks to this, the campaign helped the recruitment significantly in 2017. The "We Do Aircrafts" campaign has been going on for a long time and is tuned to the planned HR needs of the client precisely.

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Ball Corporation

Do you think that there is nothing exciting about a can? What an error! Its entire life is interesting, from cold drawing technology to design printing, content and the consumption (pshhh glugglug aah :), recycling and returning 100% quality material back to production.
Ball Corp. is working intensively to strengthen employees identification with the company because this is the only way how future candidates will believe that Ball is worth working for.
In Livin'brand, we know that every job deserves respect, and each job can be introduced in an interesting way. Then people enjoy it.

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Livin’brand is an alliance of professionals from the fields of marketing, human capital management, brand and social media.

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